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Welcome to the BGR8 Mindset Blog! In this blog you can expect to find tips to enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness!

You may be asking yourself the question, "What does it mean to have a BGR8 Mindset and how do I get it?" Well, the answer to this question is simple....DON'T BE AFRAID TO GROW! Adopting a growth mindset is key to being GR8 in everything you do because it forces you to adopt the belief that you are in control of your destiny. With a growth mindset, the meaning of effort and difficulty are transformed. For people with a fixed mindset, challenges are obstacles that result in people feeling unintelligent, ineffective, or incapable. Whereas for people with a growth mindset, these obstacles are opportunities to reach new heights of achievement. It enables them to draw upon and expand their levels of creativity and innovation rather than backing away from challenges and thinking they don’t have the necessary skills or knowledge to address them. Do you know what the most powerful muscle we possess is? It's our BRAIN. Many people think that starting a new fitness journey starts with lifting a weight or running sprints on a treadmill, but that's not where the real work begins! It all starts with the belief that you can accomplish your goals regardless of the challenge. Once you see your brain as a muscle that gets stronger with practice, you will conquer any obstacle that comes your way; whether its a new PR in the gym, redefining your relationship with food or trying a yoga class for the first time. Through dedication, hard work and patience you will achieve more that what you ever thought and it all starts with shifting your mindset.

So here is to the beginning of shifting your mindset, believing in your GR8Ness and accomplishing anything you set your mind to!

Until next time......Don't be good, BGR8

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